[Dev page in Dev]


Week One –

  • Created game “Jale” (Yah-leh)
  • Created textures for Pomm, and tileset for Grasslands
  • Created flat level to test physics
  • Began “CharacterController” (Pomm’s Code)
  • Finished CharacterController Script
  • Began Grass Level
  • Finished Grass Level up to right before the Vortex
  • Added Music
  • Two Days of Bug-Fixing

Week Two – 

  • Changed name of game “Jale” to “Pomm’s Quest”
  • Created Title Screen
  • Bug-Fixes
  • Idea of Hub Cloud
  • Idea of Keys and Doors
  • Added Vortex to end of Grass Level
  • Created textures for Hub Cloud, Doors, and Keys
  • Created Hub Cloud and Doors

Week Three –

  • Started “Options” Menu
  • Composed “Tea” for Title Screen
  • Idea of Key-Weapon and Mini-Bosses

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